Rotary Club of Droitwich Spa


Christmas Sleigh routes 2016

Mon 28 Nov   Hanbury Road                                                         Lions
Tue 29 Nov   The Holloway (Hanbury Rd to Mayflower Rd)  Rotary
Wed 30 Nov  Stalls Farm Road                                                      Lions
Thu 1st Dec   Celvestune Way (Blake Ave to Wych Road)        Lions
                       (static at Blake Avenue Centre 5 to 6 p.m.)
Sat 3rd  Dec    Westwood Road (Thatchers to Meadow )           Rotary
                       (static at ­­­­Westwood centre 5 to 6 p.m.)
Sun 4th Dec    Celvestune Way (Thames to Teme)                      Lions
Mon 5th Dec   Blackfriars Avenue                                                 Rotary
Tue 6th Dec    Primsland Way (Falstaff to Elgar)                        Lions
Wed 7thDec   Miller Street                                                              Rotary
Thu 8thDec    Newland Road                                                          Rotary
Fri 9th Dec     Addyes Road                                                             Lions 
Sat 10th Dec   Celvestune Way (Trent to Copcut)                       Lions
Sun 11th Dec  Primsland Way (York to Newland)                     Rotary
Mon 12th Dec Worcester Rd (Corbett Ave to Tagwell Rd)        Lions 
Tue 13th Dec  Primsland Way (Henley to Grosvenor)             Rotary
Wed 14th Dec Westwood Road (Hunters to Crofters)              Lions
                          (static at Westwood centre 6.30-7.30)
Thu 15th Dec  Alexander Avenue                                                 Rotary
Fri 16th  Dec   Primsland Way (Tagwell to Shire)                     Lions
Sat 17th  Dec   New Chawson Lane & Westwood Way )           Rotary
Sun 18th Dec  Ombersley Way (Salwarpe Road to Little Hill)  Lions
Mon 19th Dec Tagwell Road (Holloway to Newland)               Rotary
Tue 20th Dec  The Vines                                                                  Lions

Street Visit dates




The Club meets most Tuesdays at 12.30 p.m. at the St Andrew’s Town Hotel, Worcester Road, Droitwich Spa WR9 8RE. Ladies are most welcome to attend. Please notify Sandy Laird by telephone on 01905 773620.

St Andrews Hotel

We are an active dual gender Rotary Club and for the coming year have planned :

  • Interesting speakers at lunch time meetings
  • Social events with wives and partners
  • Fundraising events both locally and overseas
  • Direct involvement with youth projects in the Midlands.
  • Visits to other Rotary Clubs
  • Fundraising with Father Christmas Sleigh
  • Supporting Droitwich British Legion with Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Day

Rotary is a worldwide organisation of volunteers who work locally, regionally and internationally. Members combat hunger, improve health, provide education and training, promote peace as well as enjoying fun and friendship.