Santa’s sleight routes 2020

Whilst we cannot taking Santa’s sleigh to all streets as in previous years we are proposing six nonstop drives keeping to main roads. Most noticeably we will not knocking on doors and we have set up this Just Giving page should anyone wish to donate to us. 
This will help us continue to support groups and charities around Droitwich in the coming year.
These routes are planned and subject to change.
Please consult for any late changes .




Route A     Tuesday 8th Dec        Rotary

Hanbury Road         starting at 6 p.m.
Charles Henry Road
Cockshute Hill
The Holloway
Corbett Ave
Lyttleton Road




Route B   Wednesday  9th Dec           Lions

Starting at Gorse Close then
Laurelwood Rd
Arkle Rd
Primsland Way
Worcester Rd
Tagwell Rd back up to Primsland Way and finish.




Route C    Thursday   10th Dec          Rotary

Copcut Estate
Celevestune Way
Stalls Farm Road
Ombersley Road
Blackfriars Road
Old Coach Road





Route D    Tuesday   15th Dec          Lions

Starting at Addyes Green then
Showell Rd
Dugard Way
Clifford Rd
Addyes Way
York Ave
King George Ave
Tagwell Rd (short run)
Newlands Rd then back to Primsland Way and Addyes Green finish





Route E   Wednesday  16th Dec         Rotary

Ombersley Way
Briar Mill
Westwood Road
Kidderminster Road
Salwarpe Way

Route F     Thursday 17th Dec          Lions          

We will start by visiting Newlands Hurst care home on Newlands Lane.
We then move down Newlands Lane to Wildlife Way then
Squirrel Bank
Hare Close
Weasel Ave
Fox Lane
Rabbit Croft then back to Newlands Lane then Pulley Lane to
Woodland Way
Raven Gardens
Robin Meadow
Goldcrest Way
Jenny Wren Row back to Woodland Way where we enter the Orchards estate and we will go up then down Goldcrest Way then finish in Pulley Lane
The sleigh will also be present on:

Friday         11th December            at St. Andrews Shopping Centre Precinct
Saturday     12th December            at St. Andrews Shopping Centre Precinct
Friday         18th December            Outside  Waitrose
Saturday     19th December            Outside  Waitrose

There will be contactless credit card readers available and Buckets for cash if anyone who wishes to donate.