Charity Donations – 2017/2018

Acorns Children’s Charity                          £1750           

Droitwich Archery Society                          £800

Droitwich Waterways (Pamela May Trust)   £600

Shelterbox                                               £590

Deaf Direct                                              £100

Air Ambulance                                        £1750

Salvation Army (towards new oven)            £200

DG’s Charity                                             £250

Severn Freewheelers                                 £200

Worcestershire Young Carers (YSS)            £250

Macular Society                                        £250

Droitwich Gateway Challengers                   £250

Spectrum Days                                         £250

Droitwich Boxing Club                               £250

Salvation Army                                         £250  

Macmillan Cancer Care                              £250

Droitwich Meeting Centre (AgeUK)             £100

Droitwich High School (Robot project)        £250

Aquabox                                                 £250

Geoff Bonnick (in Memoriam)                  £250

Total                                                   £8850

Handover – 2018

was celebrated at the Lunch Meeting on Tuesday 26th June at The Gaudet Luce.

Incoming President Mike Lambden welcomes incoming Vice President Patricia Duxbury

Past President Mel Bates welcomes Incoming President Mike Lambden

Incoming Secretary Roger Harris takes over from Sandy Laird

Mike and Doreen Lambden

Club Assembly report from Vice President Mike Lambden – Tuesday 15 May 2018

Good afternoon everyone and thank you to Assistant Governor, John Barker, for being here with us this afternoon. It is a privilege for me to stand in front of you as the President Elect of the Club and I will do my utmost to serve you well.

I would like to thank Mel for all his hard work in leading us over the last year in what has not been an easy time as numbers decline. As he has outlined, we have had an interesting programme of events and I rather doubt that I will be able to match a tour of a specialist wheel factory!

I am delighted that Pat Duxbury will be Vice President and I am sure that she will be an excellent deputy when I am unable to be at meetings. However, we do need to find Pat’s successor for 2019/20. Thanks to Sandy Laird for his long and brilliant service as secretary and thanks to Roger Harris for taking over from him.

I have been working with Edgar to plan how we arrange the coming year. It has been our custom for each member to arrange at least one speaker every year but as our numbers decline, this means that we are potentially asking you all to do more. It appears that it has also been the custom for the President not to have this responsibility, but I would like to propose something different.

From the start of July, I am proposing that the first meeting of the month is either a visit to another club or that I arrange a speaker, as I have several in mind. We already work well with Redditch in inviting each other to meetings with speakers of wider interest but I would like to expand that to more occasions and more clubs as I feel, with our smaller numbers, we struggle to do justice to our guests on our own.

You may be getting to sense that I see the way ahead as clubs working together more and not just within Rotary. Where appropriate I consider that we should also co-operate with other organisations where we have a common goal. This is particularly so with some our major commitments such as Poppy collecting and the Christmas Sleigh.

Across the year we will have several special guests and events. A brief list of them would be –

  • 10 July – Visit of the District Governor
  • 11 September – Visit of the Town Mayor. Are one of our councillor members able to arrange this please?
  • 11 November – Marshalling for the town Remembrance Parade
  • 26 November – 23 December – Christmas Sleigh jointly with Lions
  • 10 December – Christmas Dinner jointly with Inner Wheel
  • 22 January – Burns Night. A suggestion has been made that in addition to Inner Wheel we work with the 41 Club
  • 24 February – – Our 80th Charter Lunch. Were we happy with Stone Manor and shall we book there again?
  • 21 May – Club Assembly
  • 25 June – Handover

I am sure that we will be thankful again to all those who help us with events and, the Poppy Collection and Santa’s Sleigh. Ideally, we would wish to find new members for Rotary but is seems that there are plenty of people who are happy to help but do not wish to commit to membership. We will continue to work during the year to find new ways of attracting members

As my chosen charities I would first like to support the Meeting Place here in Droitwich who do such great work with dementia sufferers and their carers. I will tell you in due course about a second local charity. Internationally I have not decided yet which I would prefer to support as there are so many to choose from although I am inclined to Aqua Box as it is such a simple, but effective, idea.

In the District there are also some great projects such as ‘A Chance to Shine’ which is about street cricket for disadvantaged youngsters but whether we have the resources to participate we will have to discuss. The other is the Rotary Shelterbus aimed at helping homeless people in the Birmingham area – this is a very ambitious project and, when successfully launched, could be extended to other areas.

An important part of our club is the asset which we have with Rotary House. I know that John Bodger will report on that later, but it would be remiss of me if I did not thank John, together with Jim, for all that they do to make it function and provide a resource for the community and contribute to our funds.

Finally, I have some ideas on how we run our meetings and gain maximum benefit from them. Being quite a recent member, I find that I am still able to look at things with reasonably fresh eyes. I am delighted that we were happy to move the Council meeting to before our Business Meeting, but I feel that the Business Meeting itself can be a non-event when we have the Council being a significant percentage of the membership. I would like to suggest that in future we have a subject focus at each Business Meeting where all members are able to participate. I believe that it is vital, if we are to attract new members, that we are relevant to today’s world both locally and internationally.

Enough from me for now and I look forward to the coming year.

Thank you.

Mike Lambden

                                                                          Presidents Club Assembly Report 2017-18 from Mel Bates

In my incoming report last June, I highlighted the fact that the Club needed to recruit more members if it was going to continue in its present form. I am sorry to say that in this endeavour I have failed, and I suppose being a lunch time Club together with an average age of around 80 years it is hardly surprising that younger members of the public are neither able nor keen to join. In this we are not alone, many other Rotary Clubs and similar organisations are having the same difficulties as society opts for alternative social activities that better suit their lifestyles. Going forward we must decide if we want to stay as we are and continue the gentle but comfortable decline or perform some radical volte face.

During the year we have listened to an assortment of interesting speakers from a variety of local charities and other groups, including: The Mayor, Deaf Direct, Severn Wheelers, The Royal British Legion, The Macular Society, Acorns Trust and Droitwich Archery Club. Members have also regaled the Club with interesting talks either associated with their own lives and or hobbies. We had a visit from Redditch Rotary in October and returned this with a visit to them in January. Two other visits to Rotary Clubs, namely North Worcestershire and Pershore, were planned but had to be cancelled, in the case of North Worcs. because they were hosting the Worcester Night and sadly in the case of Pershore because the date coincided with a Members Funeral.

Fund raising as in previous years has concentrated on the Father Christmas Sleigh although this year due to aging limbs we were grateful for the help of the Droitwich Archery Club who shared some of the runs. Monies collected have been distributed largely to local charities. The Community Officer Jim Gillespie will detail these bequests in his report.

The Club once again gave excellent support to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal spending two days out on the streets in all weathers and raising £1856.57. Rotary again also helped with the organisation of the Remembrance Service.

On a lighter note the Club supported several Inner Wheel activities including a barbecue and a Race Night which also helped to raise funds.  Afternoon tea was taken at White Cottage Garden in August and a repeat venture is planned for 24th June in aid of the Pamela May Trust.

The Christmas Festivities were celebrated at the Crown and Sandys Ombersley where a large gathering of members and guests were entertained by a Table Magician and Mike Griffiss and his guitar.

The 79th Charter Lunch was held at Hogarth’s Stone Manor Hotel and on a beautiful day over 40 members and guests enjoyed the splendid food and venue. Certificates for their outstanding contribution to Rotary were presented to John Bodger and Sandy Laird.

In March a factory visit was organised to Titan Steel Wheels in Cookley. This factory is located on the second oldest industrial site in England and manufactures wheels for large earth moving equipment and mobile cranes. Over 80% of its production is exported.

In conjunction with Redditch Rotary the visit to Emden Rotary Club in Germany was pushed back from the May date to the end of September when hopefully both clubs will be well represented.

Finally, may I thank all the Members and Officers of the Club for their dedicated support over the year, and hope that they have enjoyed 2017-18 as much as I have.

December 2017

The Droitwich Rotary Club again visited the streets of Droitwich Spa with Santa’s Sleigh in the run up to Christmas.

The Club collected £3897 for charities which includes the Acorn’s Childen Hospice and other local causes.

The Club wishes to thank Droitwich residents for their generosity. The Droitwich Sleigh outings have been operated jointly with the Lions Club since 2009.

12th September 2017. 

Mayor Shaun Best visited the Club for the presentation of a Salver in memory of  Steve Moore Chairman of British Legion

Droitwich Mayor Shaun Best delivered a speech outlining his visions and plans for the town and engaging with youth.

President Mel Bates presented a Silver Salver to Hazel Gandy in Memory of Steve Moore who was the late Chairman of the Droitwich Branch of the British Legion.  Guests included Steve Moore’s family Sarah Moore, Maria Moore and Tom Pedlow.

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