Message from His Worship the Mayor of Droitwich on March 1958

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As Mayor of the Borough of Droitwich, I have been asked by the Rotary Club to make an appeal for their new ‘Sons of Rest’ building. It gives me great pleasure to ask for your support for I have been connected with the Club for many years and have always been enthusiastic in trying to carry out their motto, ‘Service above Self.’
My late husband was twice President of the Club and in the days before the Ladies counterpart, the Inner Wheel Club, was formed I helped to organise functions and raise funds for Rotary Club projects. I was a Founder Member of the Inner Wheel Club and have been President twice. Many people know and all should be aware of the ‘Sons of Rest’ temporary quarters at the comer of Ombersley Road and Albert Street, the best Building that the Rotarians could rent at the time and it has housed the ‘old Gentlemen of the Town’ for many years.
The plans for their new ‘home’, a substantial and attractive brick building, have now been passed and the Borough Council have offered a site in the Park which has been accepted. This important project has been a target for the Rotary Club for many years and funds have already been raised but not enough, and it is in this respect that I appeal to you to give generously for this worthy cause. Think of the pleasure this new Club House will give to the ‘unwanted Sons’, trying to rest, but swept out of their homes in the mornings by their ‘Better Halves’, they can sit in peace, smoking a pipe, playing Cribbage or a hand of cards, reading a book or magazine, or just sitting by the fire reminiscing. . They are visited by Club Members and for many years Rotarian Ted Tolley has kept an eye on them and looked after their comforts, well deserving the name ‘Father of the Sons of Rest’. Please give generously in every way possible to this very special appeal.