Covid-19  Addendum to Conditions of Hire

The following facilities will not be available until further notice:

The kitchen and all its contents including  kettles, crockery, cutlery and tea towel.
The ceiling mounted air con/heating unit and the wall mounted convector heaters

The following activities cannot be undertaken:-  Contact sports or games, singing, card playing unless players and cards are suitably protected (please discuss with John Bodger 01905 770428),  parties or receptions of any sort

People who have Covid symptoms or are self isolating due to symptoms in their household are not permitted to use the premises. Those who have ‘shielded’ are advised not to attend

Hirers must arrange for two members of their Group to arrive at least 10 minutes before the others to wipe down all hand touch surfaces and equipment, e.g., door/toilet handles, light switches, tabletops, chair backs/arms and wash basin taps, with sanitised wipes (see buckets provided) and to repeat the process before leaving. Used wipes to be put in black sack provided in kitchen.

Hirers must arrange for social distancing (2 metres which can be reduced to one metre if face masks are worn) to be maintained as members arrive/leave and within the premises. Also, if waiting for the toilets. Frequent hand washing must be encouraged.

On arrival, members should use the hand sanitizer provided (initially in free standing pouches, but from an automatic machine in late July). Please don’t waste this costly gel.

Whilst the premises are in use, as many windows and doors as make sense must be kept open. Good ventilation is important. Please remember to close when leaving!

If somebody should become unwell in the premises, call 111 for advice/assistance. All tissues, paper towels etc used by the person must be placed in a separate black sack with the top firmly tied. John Bodger (01905 770428) or Mike Lambden (01905 773632) must be informed as quickly as possible.

The premises may need to be closed at short notice if the above should arise.

To assist NHS Test and Trace, Hirers must keep a record for 21 days of all those present