Droitwich Spa Rotary Club help the Royal British Legion with the Poppy Appeal

 In 2013 the Droitwich Branch of the Royal British Legion came and asked Droitwich Spa Rotary Club if it would help them with the organisation of the 2014 Poppy Appeal since collection totals were falling and organisation of the Appeal was in trouble. The Rotary Club agreed to help and a Rotarian was nominated to head up the organisation for the Appeal and co-ordinate the activities of the various groups involved in the Parade and Remembrance Service on Remembrance Day.

Support for the project has been excellent with many local clubs, organisations, businesses and volunteers taking an active part. Rotary members have themselves given two days of their time each year to stand and collect. The result has been a resounding success with the collection total rising year on year from £13,000 in 2013 to £20,000 in 2014, £21,000 in 2015, £22,000 in 2016, £24,000 in 2017 and £28,000 in 2018, (equivalent to receiving £1 from every Droitwich Spa citizen). Going forward Rotary will hopefully continue to support the Legion and continue to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause.

Saving the Remembrance Parade, Service and Collection – 2014

For several years the Droitwich Branch of the Royal British Legion had been in decline. Many senior members had left and recruitment and numbers of volunteers was low .  As 2014 began it was clear to the Branch that the Annual Remembrance Parade, Service and Poppy Appeal were in jeopardy of being cancelled due to lack of experience and resources. Prompted by some friends, the New Management of the Legion approached Droitwich Rotary Club and asked if they would be willing to help. The Rotary Club accepted the challenge and formed a small Group including members of Rotary, the Legion, Town Council Officers and Volunteers. The Legion asked Rotary to Chair the Group. Work began by identifying the key issues that needed to be addressed. Individual members of the Group were delegated responsibility for the key tasks, including: the parade organisation, crowd marshalling, first aid provision, road closures, barriers, service arrangements, sound system, street collections, wreath sales, recruitment of volunteers, risk assessment, media coverage, VIP protocols etc. etc. As time went on meetings were held regularly to monitor progress and resolve any difficult issues. The enthusiasm and commitment from the team members quickly became infectious.

The result was that the Parade and Service went off without a hitch and the team received grateful thanks from members of the public both directly and via letters to the local newspapers. As a bonus the Street Collection of Poppies produced a record take of £20,607 almost 50% higher than the previous year.  Indeed such was the success that the Rotary Club was asked to lead the Remembrance Day arrangements for 2015. This again was a great success and incredibly the street collection was 10% higher than the record of 2014, totalling £22,809.